“Wherever a stroke of colour exists, or a musical note arises, or graceful shapes are revealed, there lies an invitation to our love.”
Rabindranath Tagore
A tiny little seed, carried by the wind, landed on the ground begins to sprout. But life is a breath and soon that seed will be a great tree that every autumn will entrust to the wind other seeds, other great trees. And so on, for the years to come. It is the perpetual flow of life, the sense of knowledge. As the seed sprouts from the ground, knowledge sprouts from curiosity.

I hence lay in your hands a handful of seeds of various sorts, for the pleasure of cultivating the land of curiosity together.
Consider “SEEDS” as a greenhouse devoted to those who love reading, listening to music, watch films. Those who love sharing titles, old and new, notorious or not at all, what is important is for them to leave something inside. 
A matter of understanding? Also. But mostly of emotions, those invisible wires that for some reason, not always detectable, have the power to evoke pleasant and positive sensations. As the warmth of the sun, filtering through the branches of the great tree to illuminate especially us.

Amongst the most passionate cultivators there is an exchange of seeds and precious advices. In the same way, in “our” greenhouse, leave your seed, even a little one. Someone will plant it, water it, and it will become a tree for someone else.