Turchese di Nila

 - Cathartic potion

Eau de Toilette & Aromatherapy

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Turchese di Nila 
  • For those setting work as a first priority in life
    The colour of waves lapping the shore of a forsaken island in the Pacific Ocean. Ferns, water flowers and corals for a fragrance that whispers of times of freedom.
    Eight ounces of maidenhair fern, a pound of Shehelet shell, a handful of tiger orchids of the Pacific, a pound of moss, one spoon of coral powder, two eights of grinded black pearls, a handful of light heartedness.
    Sprayed in the air and breathed for long, induces to dream of freedom and crave for flying. An invite to the lightness of being, that spurs on reflecting about the actual importance of things.