Bianco Ninive

 - Revealing potion

Eau de Toilette & Aromatherapy

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Bianco Ninive 
  • For those looking to find themselves again
    The inebriating perfume of fleshy and balsamiferous white flowers to re-evoke the sensual pleasure of walking barefoot on a carpet of fragrant petals.
    Seven ounces of newly blossomed tiarť flowers, three pounds of white poppies picked with good care, a spoon of caramel powder, one ounce of abelmosk seeds, on pod of Polynesian vanilla, four rhymes blessed with tender poetry.
    Spray in the air and fly with imagination in a place where everything is beauty, a palace where carpets are made of fragrant flowers, walls whisper poems and everything is rich of love. You are inside yourselves, open the doors.