From the private home to commercial spaces and charming relais hotels. Styles inspired by the location, personal preference of the client or by a specific message directed to the final user. The fil rouge is the warm and welcoming atmosphere, where each piece of furniture and decorative element has a functional as well as an aesthetic value. Revisited country and Country spirit, where chosen and published by “AD – Architectural Digest”, as well as “Vivere Country” to tell of the elegance of simplicity. Temporary Shop is the example of a space created for the presentation of a new brand and imagined to be a hosting space for buyers within a building in Milan. For Fashion Shop it is a homey atmosphere, with a fireplace corner where to hobnob in between trying outfits and chatting, with a dining table set with t-shirts and where wardrobes are open and bursting with dresses and coats. Relais Russiz Felluga, surrounded by Collio’s vineyards, interprets a kind of hospitality attentive to details and the wellbeing of their guests. 7 suites each personalized by a color inspired by the wines produced by the prestigious wineries.