Interior design

Our main focus is the interior design, through which we define the architectural cut of spaces, their use, technical and executive details, stylistic choices and the research of furniture and each element that will compose the scene. But it might be necessary to also examine the image of the home as a whole, considering a restyling that will deliver a more focused stylistic coherence between outdoors and interiors. At times, few touches are sufficient to renovate the facades of a house. One example is the City villa. Otherwise, to realize an idea and quantify costs before the actual start, it might be useful to reverse design starting from the area, the buildable volumes and intended use. Thermal & Green Relais is a project born this way, initially from the study of interior spaces, disposed according to a precise logic and out of which a plan design was created. This allowed to generate the solid structure reproduction and to stylistically “dress” it. After that, the design of outside spaces and the garden were made, completing and framing the whole project.