…a mix of ingredients that give birth to projects and realizations able to transform any place…

“Creating sceneries is a truly exciting job: out of nothing, a special something is born, able to conquer, fascinate, surprise. Each time differently. And each project, irrespective of dimensions and whether it is about a garden, studying a trade show stand or special fitting for private or company events, will engage and captivate equally. The creative-emotional part, involved in interpreting, requires research, theme study and a creativity able to fly high, free from any binding, other than not exceeding the budget. And the rational part, involved instead in the realization aspect, which demands practicality, a perfect organization, calibrated on time schedules and modus operandi, studied and optimized down to the last detail given that nothing can be left out and underestimated. Experience has taught me how to outguess the unforeseen and the concreteness for solving it. It is out of this mix of ingredients that are born installations that transform any place in scenes of great visual and emotional impact, loaded of atmosphere and power of suggestion”. AN.PH.