Green Therapy

Green Therapy - Green Therapy
Micro-Spa for the demanding traveler
The meeting of two like-minded enterprises, Anna Paghera and PriorThai, has engendered a new creative effort inspired by nature and dedicated to all those who love feeling at home, wherever they go.

A line of amenities conceived to satisfy the needs of the modern traveler, whether man or woman, traveling for work or for leisure. Ancient methods and novel formulations that can help us find new strength and rediscover our inner selves. A portable spa, at once precious and simple, gratifying and fragrant. A few touches to stimulate better health, and a radically new interpretation of the amenity product: soap as a lotion, an exfoliating scrub, a velvety oil, an unbearably light body gel, a creamy shampoo... old-fashioned methods and novel formulations to indulge the spirit and alleviate the weariness accumulated on the journey. Natural, wholesome ingredients that guarantee the health and wellbeing of both the user and the environment. Certified formulations, developed with care and prepared with lavish ingredients. Eco-friendly accessories made of natural materials, wrapped in eco-paper and in packaging that is minimal yet elegant. Environmentally aware, eco-chic attitude and philosophy, inspired by a brand that is green by definition. Anna Paghera grew up in a family that has been enamored with nature for five generations, as suggested by the very etymology of her surname: it means “fir forest” in the ancient dialect of her birthplace. Brimming with uniqueness and inspiration, Anna Paghera Green Therapy is an amenity program for discerning, demanding travelers, prompted by Anna Paghera’s personal research and shaped by her passion for nature. This product line has been brought to life by PriorThai, an accomplished translator of ideas and emotions into unique and distinctive guestroom amenities that are ecologically sustainable and address each individual’s wellbeing.


Bianco di Ninive For those who need to reconnect with their inner self A reinvigorating treatment for both body and mind. A subtle, intoxicating fragrance of fleshy, balsamiferous white flowers that brings back the memory of a forgotten sensual pleasure walking barefoot on a carpet of scented flower petals.
RECIPE: Seven ounces of Tahitian gardenia blossoms, three pounds of white poppy picked with a loving hand, one tablespoon of caramel powder, one ounce of rose mallow seeds, one Polynesian vanilla pod, and a quatrain of tender poetry.
SIDE EFFECTS: Once you have experienced the fragrant and healthful sensation brought on by the use of these products, you may wish to continue the journey in your mind, till you reach a place defined by beauty alone. A mansion where the floors are carpeted with flowers and the walls whisper words of love. You have reached your destination. You have rediscovered a well-hidden piece of your inner self. Don’t leave it behind when you depart.

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