Habitat / Formation

At the end of the 70’s she joined Paghera, a company founded a few years earlier by her brother Gianfranco, a landscape architect, both eclectic and volcanic, a forerunner of a style that will later be recognised as the most influential, prestigious and innovative of his sector. The basis of her experience was formed in those years, marked by professional experiences and by a school of thought, her brother’s philosophy, that she shares, loves and defines as “free from constraint and mental prejudice, allowing stimulation and genius to prosper”. A collaboration was born based on reciprocal esteem working side by side, periodically, for over thirty years.
Ever since then, many jobs and assignments have enriched her expertise in three specific fields: interior design and furnishing, themed green sceneries and refined small gardens and collections of fragrances inspired by the scents of nature. She has worked for the finest names of fashion, culture, publishing, entrepreneurship as well as many unknown privates, associated by the sense of beauty and a refined simplicity.